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ISCIS 2018 Agenda

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20th September

9.30 - 11.00 Session 1: Systems  and Networks


Yasin Murat Kadioglu, Tandem Networks with Intermittent Energy,

Lan Wang, Adaptive Allocation of Multi-class Tasks in the Cloud ,

Robert Chodorek and Agnieszka Chodorek, The proposition for mapping between IEEE 802.11 user priorities and access categories, and the flags of the TFD option of the IP,

Sylwester Kaczmarek and Maciej Sac, Design of a Multidomain IMS/NGN Service Stratum, article 57

11.00-11.30 cofee break

11.30-12.30 WCC keynote: Prof. Leslie Valiant: What Needs to be Added to Machine Learning?

12.30-14.00  lunch  13.30

14.00-15.30 Session 2:  Performance Evaluation

Hasancan Güngörer and Gürhan Küçük, Dynamic Capping of Physical Register Files in Simultaneous Multi-Threading Processors for Performance, article 7

Mehdi Achour and Jamel Belhaj Taher, Minimizing latency in wireless sensor networks with multiple mobile base stations, article 18                         

Piotr Pecka, Mateusz Nowak, Artur Rataj and Sławek Nowak, , Solving large Markov models described with standard programming language,         

Godlove Suila Kuaban, Edelqueen Anyam, Tadeusz Czachorski and Artur Rataj, Performance of a buffer between electronic and all-optical networks, diffusion approximation model,

Joanna Domanska, Adam Domanski, Jerzy Klamka, Dariusz Marek, Jakub Szyguła and Tadeusz Czachorski, The influence of the traffic self-similarity on the choice of the non-integer order PI-alpha controller parameters,

15.30-16.00 coffee break

16.00 - 16.45 keynote: Prof. Erol Gelenbe, How better balance the requirements of energy costs and quality of service in computer and  communication systems

16.45 – 18.45  Session 3:  Data Analysis and Algorithms,

Asma Fejjari, Karim Saheb Ettabaa and Ouajdi Korbaa, Modified Graph-Based Algorithm for Efficient Hyperspectral Feature Extraction, article 5                                         

Pierre Bergé, Julien Hemery, Arpad Rimmel and Joanna Tomasik, The competitiveness of randomized strategies for Canadians via systems of linear inequalities,

Sinan Keskin and Adnan Yazici, Modelling and Designing Spatial and Temporal Big Data for Analytics,

Michał Romaszewski, Przemysław Głomb and Michał Cholewa, Adaptive, hubness-aware nearest neighbour classifier with application to hyperspectral data,

Rafał Woźniak and Danuta Zakrzewska, Graph Representation and Semi-Clustering Approach for Label Space Reduction in Multi-Label Classification of Documents,

Monika Grabowska and Wojciech Kotlowski, Online Principal Component Analysis For Evolving Data Streams,

18.30 -19.30 Welcome meeting


21st September

9.30 -11.00 Session 4: Security in Cyber and Physical Systems

Doğukan Aksu, Serpil Üstebay, Muhammed Ali Aydin and Tülin Atmaca, Intrusion Detection with Comparative Analysis of Supervised Learning Techniques and Fisher Score Feature Selection Algorithm,

Altaf Khan and Alexander Chefranov, A new secure and usable Captcha-based graphical password scheme,                        

Wojciech Kulas and Zbigniew Tarapata, An IT tool to support anti-crisis training in WAZkA system: a case study,

Joanna Domanska, Mateusz Nowak, Sławomir Nowak and Tadeusz Czachorski, European Cybersecurity Research and the SerIoT Project,

11.00 -11.30 coffee break                                                                

11.30 - 12.30 WCC keynote: Prof. Shamika N. Sirimanne, Harnessing Frontier Technologies for Sustainable Development

12.30 - 14.00  lunch

14.00 -15.30 Session 5: Machine Learning and Applications

André Oliveira, Celso G. Camilo-Junior, Eduardo Freitas, Auri Marcelo Rizzo Vincenzi, FTScMES: A New Mutation Execution Strategy based on Failed Tests' Mutation Score for Fault Localization,

Nataliya Boyko, Bogdan Dohnyak, Volodymyr Korkishko and Olena Vovk, Use of Neural Networks in Q-Learning Algorithm,

Will Serrano, The Random Neural Network with a BlockChain Configuration in Digital Documentation,

Olumide Akinwande and Erol Gelenbe, A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Adaptive Forwarding in Named Data Networking,

 Paweł Matyszok, Łukasz Wróbel and Marek Sikora, Bidirectional action rule learning,

Agnieszka Anna Tomaka, Dariusz Pojda, Leszek Luchowski and Michał Tarnawski, Methods of Tooth Equator Estimation,

15.30-16.00 coffebreak

16.00-17.00 keynote  Prof. Wojciech Cellary, The impact of emerging information technologies on persons’ privacy.

17.00 – 18.30  Session 6: Applications to Linguistics, Biology and Computer Vision

Roman Jaksik, Krzysztof Psiuk-Maksymowicz and Andrzej Swierniak, Identification of factors that affect reproducibility of mutation calling methods in data originating from the next-generation sequencing,  

Wiem Lahbib, Ibrahim Bounhas and Yahya Slimani, A Possibilistic approach for Arabic domain terminology extraction and translation,                    

Michał Romaszewski, Arkadiusz Sochan and Krzysztof Skabek, Matrix and tensor-based approximation of 3D face animations from low-cost range sensors,

Souheila Ben Guirat, Ibrahim Bounhas and Yahya Slimani, Enhancing hybrid indexing for Arabic information retrieval.