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Accepted Papers

  1. Arkadiusz Biernacki : VoIP traffic modelling in a multimedia gateway
  2. Dariusz Gasior : Application of uncertain variables to rate allocation in the computer networks with imprecise parameters
  3. Ivanna Droniuk, Roman Koshulinsky : Cross-platform solution for infocommunication networks simulation and management. Version for pocket PCs and smartphones.
  4. Janusz Kleban, Sławomir Węclewski : IM-OM matching packet dispatching scheme for MSM Clos-network switches
  5. Janusz Korniak, Paweł Różycki : Performance examination of the segment recovery in GMPLS
  6. Jarosław Śliwiński, Wojciech Burakowski, Andrzej Bęben : Handling of heterogeneous CBR streams in wireless LANs by the Self-synchronised Packet Transfer mechanism
  7. Jerzy Martyna : An Algorithm for Computing the Blocking Probabilities in Cellular Mobile Communication Networks
  8. Jerzy Martyna : Modeling the Lifetime of Hierarchical Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
  9. K. Grochla, T. Czachórski, A. Busic and J.M. Fourneau : Simulation Analysis of Deflection Routing in Hypercube
  10. Kaczmarek S., Kostecki P. : Quality of service in optical burst switched networks
  11. Kaczmarek S., Nowak K. : Comparison of centralized and decentralized preemption in MPLS networks
  12. Maciej Stasiak, Arkadiusz Wiśniewski, Piotr Zwierzykowski : Uplink and Downlink Blocking Probability Calculation for Cellular Systems with WCDMA Radio Interface and Finite Source Population
  13. Marek Fiuk : Modeling and Simulation of HTTP Protocol in Networked Control Systems
  14. Mariusz Głąbowski : Point-to-Point Blocking Probability Calculation in Multi-service Switching Networks with BPP Traffic
  15. Mariusz Głąbowski, Adam Kaliszan, Maciej Stasiak : Iterative Algorithm for Blocking Probability Calculation in Erlang-Engset-Pascal Multi-rate Systems
  16. Mariusz Mycek, Artur Tomaszewski : An Application of Lagrangean Decomposition to Optimization of Inter-Domain Routing in IP/MPLS Networks
  17. Mateusz Dzida : Efficient path generation in resilient single backup routing optimization
  18. Michał Morawski : Traffic engineering for industrial networks
  19. Michał Zagożdżon : Mathematical models for combined OSPF/MPLS routing optimization in IP networks
  20. Mirosław Kantor, Piotr Chołda, Jan Derkacz, Andrzej Jajszczyk, Angel O. Ferreiro : Techno-economic Challenges in Interconnection between Network Operators
  21. Nowak Slawomir, Nowak Mateusz : Parallel simulation of networks with packet loss
  22. Paweł Świątek : On the Multistage Packet Processing
  23. Przemysław Ignaciuk and Andrzej Bartoszewicz : Flow control in connection oriented communication networks with unisochronic feedback and non-persistent sources
  24. Robert Janowski : The impact of scheduler on the maximum admissible load to a class of service
  25. Tadeusz Czachórski, Krzysztof Grochla, Ferhan Pekergin : Fluid-flow Approximation Model of TCP-NCR in wired-wireless networks
  26. Wojciech Burakowski; Piotr Stasiewicz : Measurements for on-line QoS monitoring of Real Time Class of Service in IP networks
  27. Wojciech Kabaciński, Sławomir Węclewski : New switch architectures with optical buffering using QD-SOA device - Extended abstract
  28. Wojciech Kabacinski, Tomasz Wichary : Wide-sense Non-blocking Multirate and Multicast Multi-log2(N; m; p) Switching Networks

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